Cat owner plans to cook pasta, gets a furry surprise instead

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.18 - 2023 9:27 PM CET

Cat owner plans to cook pasta, gets a furry surprise instead.

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Tristen, a cat owner from Portland, Oregon, was looking forward to a quick pasta meal during his break from remote work. However, his feline companions had other plans in mind.

Tristen had just placed the pot on the stove and set the pasta box beside it when he got distracted. Upon returning to the kitchen, he was in for a surprise.

Not only was the pasta box on the floor, but two of his house cats were comfortably nestled inside the pot. The third cat was sitting nearby, presumably because there wasn't enough room in the pot for all three.

"I swear, these darn cats are always up to no good," Tristen commented last month in the caption of his TikTok video capturing the bizarre moment.

Internet's love for the furry antics

While Tristen was somewhat annoyed by his pets' antics, TikTok users had a different reaction. The video garnered more than 2.3 million views and received over 274,000 likes.

This caught the attention of Newsweek, who reached out to Tristen to inquire if his cats really stressed him out that much.

"About a year ago, we took in a pregnant stray cat," Tristen explained to the American magazine last week. "She gave birth to seven kittens. We were just about to find homes for them, and at the time I made the video, only three kittens were left."

According to the stressed-out owner, his furry friends have always loved climbing and exploring places they shouldn't be. "They've all created chaos together," he confirmed.

See what awaited Tristen when he returned to the kitchen in the video below

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