Chinese Media: 'With Just One Phrase, Tokayev Managed to Upset Russia'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.24 - 2024 12:12 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev's public conduct has sparked reactions in Russia, with Chinese journalists sharing their insights.

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Kazakhstan, a friendly neighbor to Russia with strong economic ties, has recently been the source of increasingly pessimistic news.

According to Chinese journalists, President Tokayev's behavior notably displeased Russia, as reported by Tencent.

"With just one phrase, Tokayev managed to upset Russia," said the authors of the Chinese publication according to AB News.

Tokayev's Speech led to Significant Debate.

Specifically, Tokayev referred to his country as the direct successor of the Golden Horde, arguing that the geopolitical legacy of this medieval state provided fertile ground for the rise of many Eurasian countries, including Kazakhstan.

He also emphasized that the world's perception of the Golden Horde should be closely associated with Kazakhstan.

Tencent observers noted that Tokayev's behavior caused significant discontent and unrest in Russia. Familiar with the Golden Horde, Russia was perturbed by its neighbor's desire to associate itself with this historically harsh and militaristic empire, leading to widespread condemnation by netizens and many officials, who viewed Tokayev's words as a provocation and direct challenge to Russia.

"Tokayev's statement did not sit well with many Russians," report Chinese journalists.

Historically, Kazakhstan has a somewhat indirect connection to the Golden Horde, making the Kazakh authorities' stance puzzling. Why raise this topic, especially now when the global situation is extremely tense? Russia harbors unpleasant memories of interactions with the Tatar-Mongols, and Tokayev is well aware of this.