Countless Facebook Users Greeted with 'Marketplace Isn't Available to You' Message: Try This Fix

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.15 - 2024 7:43 PM CET

Photo: DenPhotos /
Photo: DenPhotos /
Countless Facebook Users Greeted with 'Marketplace Isn't Available to You' Message.

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Approximately a month ago, Facebook rolled out an update that has significantly impacted users worldwide.

The update was purportedly designed to enhance the security of one's profile, which is why individuals are now required to enter a numerical code to access Messenger from a device previously unused by them.

Unfortunately, this update has also affected millions of users who, for unknown reasons, are unable to access the popular 'Facebook Marketplace.'

Facebook has yet to comment on the issue, even though the first reports of 'Marketplace' problems started appearing about 30 days ago. However, many users report being confronted with a 'Marketplace Isn't Available to You' message when they attempt to access the marketplace.

This is despite these users having had access before, with some even stating that they have money sitting in their Marketplace account.

This Could Potentially Fix It

Various reasons may prevent you and other users from accessing the marketplace. Some may have been rightfully excluded, while others are barred despite not having committed any infractions.

Currently, various tips are being eagerly shared online, but one particular piece of advice seems to have been successful for many.

  1. Tap the Menu icon (top right).

  2. Scroll down to "Settings and Privacy".

  3. Tap "Settings".

  4. Scroll down to "Your Activity and Permissions".

  5. Tap "Information Use for Facebook Experiences".

  6. Tap the "Update" button behind Marketplace.

Many users have reported back that this solution worked for them, though unfortunately, it has not made a difference for others. Hopefully, it can resolve the Facebook Marketplace issue for you.

Please let us know if this ends up reopening your 'Facebook Marketplace' profile.

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