David Cameron warns US: It's a Christmas present for Putin

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.08 - 2023 9:06 AM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
'It's a Christmas present for Putin'

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In a stark warning, Lord David Cameron emphasized the dire consequences of withholding support for Ukraine, stating that failing to provide further aid would serve as an unwelcome "Christmas present" for Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. This cautionary message follows the US Senate Republicans' blockade of a substantial aid package, drawing attention to the global implications of inaction.

According to Independent, US President Joe Biden, aligning with this sentiment, implored the Republicans to reconsider their stance. In a video statement, he underscored the gravity of the situation, asserting that "history will judge us harshly" if the United States turns away from supporting Ukraine's fight for freedom. Biden's remarks highlight the critical role of the US as a global leader, emphasizing that "petty partisan, angry politics" should not override the nation's responsibilities.

The urgency of the matter is further illustrated by the US Defense Department's expenditure of 97% of its pre-agreed funds for Ukraine, as reported by US budget director Shalanda Young. This financial strain underscores the necessity of the blocked $110bn (£88bn) package, which was intended to bolster Ukraine and Israel, among other national security interests.

However, US Senate Republicans have raised concerns over domestic priorities, suggesting a redirection of funds towards enhancing the US-Mexico border security. This diversion of focus poses a significant hurdle in rallying international support for Ukraine.

The foreign secretary has echoed Cameron's warnings, urging allies to unite in support of Kyiv. He described the global response to the Ukrainian conflict as a generational test, one that requires solidarity and decisive action.

In conclusion, the deadlock in the US Congress over the aid package to Ukraine presents a critical juncture. As world leaders like Cameron and Biden advocate for unwavering support, the decision of the US Senate Republicans stands at the forefront of either bolstering global democracy or inadvertently aiding authoritarian figures like Putin and Xi.

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