David Cameron's stark warning

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.07 - 2023 11:34 AM CET

Stop Putin now or face greater global threats

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David Cameron, the British Foreign Secretary, emphasized the global importance of Russia's war against Ukraine in a recent interview with Sky News.

Highlighting the conflict as a pivotal struggle of the current generation, he warned that failing to stop Vladimir Putin now would only embolden the Russian leader to pursue further aggressive actions.

Cameron's comments come amidst ongoing international efforts to support Ukraine and assert that allowing Putin to succeed would not only endanger European security but also please adversaries of the United States.

Despite concerns about the United States being viewed as a less reliable ally if Congress fails to approve a significant security package for Ukraine, Cameron remains optimistic. He acknowledges the complexity of the political situation surrounding the funding but underlines its crucial role for Kyiv.

Cameron's visit to Washington on December 6, his first since becoming Foreign Secretary, was primarily focused on discussing support for Ukraine amidst its battle against Russian aggression. His commitment to maintaining Britain's support for Ukraine in the upcoming year is a strong message of solidarity and determination in the face of Russia's military actions.

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