Denmark Ends Investigation into Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.26 - 2024 12:41 PM CET

Denmark has officially closed its investigation into the 2022 Nord Stream pipeline explosions, citing insufficient grounds for a criminal case.

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Denmark announced on Monday that it has ended its investigation into the 2022 blasts at the Nord Stream gas pipelines, which run from Russia to Germany, according to Danish state channel TV 2.

The Danish police stated, "There are no sufficient grounds to open a criminal case in Denmark... and therefore the Copenhagen police have decided to close the criminal investigation into the explosions."

They concluded the explosions were a deliberate act of sabotage.

Following Sweden, Denmark becomes the second nation to conclude its investigation. Sweden earlier halted its probe, citing lack of jurisdiction, and passed its findings to German authorities, who have not yet shared their results.

International Context and Accusations

The explosions in September 2022 damaged the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, key for transporting gas under the Baltic Sea. This occurred within the economic zones of Sweden and Denmark.

Reports from March 2023 in Western media suggested non-state actors, possibly including Russians and Ukrainians, might be responsible for the pipeline explosions.

Additionally, it was reported that Dutch intelligence had uncovered a Ukrainian sabotage plan and alerted the United States.

Ukraine has denied any involvement in the attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines.

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