Energy Minister Warns: Russia Aims for Total Blackout in Ukraine

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.06 - 2024 2:25 PM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Ukraine braces for a harsh winter as Russian attacks wreak havoc on its energy infrastructure.

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As a result of recent Russian attacks, Ukraine's energy infrastructure has sustained severe damage, particularly to its thermal and hydro generation facilities.

Minister of Energy Herman Galushchenko discussed these issues with EU representatives at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as reported by Ukrinform.

"The most significant damage has been to our thermal and hydro generation facilities, with substantial impacts on our transmission system," Galushchenko stated.

"The current situation is much worse than in 2022-2023. Consumer restrictions are in place, and we are preparing for a very difficult winter."

Galushchenko mentioned that all nine power units of Ukraine's nuclear power plants are being prepared for winter. But ongoing attacks on substations threaten these plants, jeopardizing nuclear and radiation safety.

"Protecting nuclear energy, preventing blackouts at nuclear power plants, and ensuring nuclear and radiation safety in Ukraine are crucial tasks. Global nuclear safety also depends on these efforts," he emphasized.

Special attention was given to the situation at the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) and the potential risks of its next power outage.

The importance of IAEA observation missions lies in ensuring nuclear and radiation safety at Zaporizhzhya and other Ukrainian nuclear plants.

In response to the crisis, the Ukrainian government plans to remove customs and bureaucratic barriers for importing generators, solar panels, inverters, and other essential equipment into the country.

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