Europe Flooded with Disinformation from Russia, Says Von der Leyen

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.07 - 2024 2:30 PM CET

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addressed the serious threats posed by Russia to the European Union.

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Speaking at the European Economic Congress in Katowice, the President of the European Commission addressed the continuous threat from Russia, which seeks to extend its influence both within and beyond the EU to dominate the European continent.

By standing against Russia, the EU is not only defending Ukraine but its own sovereignty as well, Ursula von der Leyen explained during her address, as reported by a Ukrinform correspondent.

"What is currently unfolding in Ukraine, and the battle being waged by Ukrainian soldiers, concerns us directly... This conflict is about altering borders in Europe, igniting a European war, and dismantling Ukraine's independence. We must understand that this also represents a confrontation with the EU and the global order governed by established principles," von der Leyen stated.

According to von der Leyen, Putin is pushing for a return to imperialist and authoritarian regimes.

"He aims to dominate our continent, and this is not merely a theoretical threat but a clear objective he has openly declared," she noted, adding that Poland, understanding this threat better than most, should be heeded by the EU.

European Security and Defense Initiatives

Von der Leyen further stressed that Europe is currently overwhelmed by Russian disinformation and manipulative actions aimed at weakening support for Ukraine.

These efforts have recently escalated into cyber-attacks, disinformation campaigns, hybrid attacks, and extensive espionage directed at EU countries.

"The purpose behind these attacks is to sow discord within our societies, foster internal strife, and assail our borders. Therefore, solidarity is crucial. In responding to these threats, I will always stand with the EU, as it is our Union that will be prepared to safeguard our rule of law and protect Ukraine and Europe," von der Leyen declared.

She assured continuous support for Ukraine for as long as needed.

If re-elected for a subsequent term, von der Leyen committed to appointing a European Commissioner for Defense Affairs.

This new role will be focused on supporting and advancing the EU's most modern defense industries, as well as drafting a white paper to evaluate Europe’s readiness to defend itself against external threats.

As reported by Ukrinform, the main topic of discussion at today’s Council of EU Ministers on Foreign Affairs (on development issues) will be the implementation of Ukraine’s recovery plan. This plan, presented by the Ukrainian government, is part of a multi-year EU aid package worth 50 billion euros for 2024-2027.

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