Experts analyzed Putin's body language during his meeting with Kim Jong-un: He showed signs of anxiety

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.14 - 2023 4:09 PM CET

Experts analyzed Putin's body language during his meeting with Kim Jong-un: He showed signs of anxiety

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Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un's recent summit in Vladivostok was more than just a diplomatic meeting. It was a display of power dynamics, subtle cues, and a silent tussle for dominance.

While their vocalized messages were clear in their unified stance against Western "imperialism" and Kim's support for Putin's "sacred fight," possibly hinting at the Ukraine situation, their body language told a different story.

As reported by Mirror.

Judi James, a renowned body language expert and author of 26 books on the subject, delved deep into the non-verbal cues exhibited by both leaders during their meeting. According to James, while both leaders aimed to project strength and unity, their body language revealed underlying tensions and a silent battle for dominance.

Putin, the seasoned Russian leader, surprisingly showed signs of inner anxiety. James pointed out that Putin frequently adjusted his tie, a gesture that suggests distracted thinking. The tie, often seen as a symbol of masculinity, especially among alpha leaders, was repositioned by Putin, hinting at a momentary lapse in his usual confident demeanor.

Further, James observed Putin's facial expressions, noting two small tongue pokes, which could indicate tension or a sign of rejection. This was followed by noticeable swallows and lip movements, all suggesting inner tension. Even during his speech, Putin had to clear his throat, further emphasizing his unease.

On the other hand, Kim Jong-Un's body language was more assertive. His tightened fist indicated limited patience, and his confident walk and initiation of the handshake portrayed a sense of control. Interestingly, during their handshake, Kim seemed to pull Putin's hand closer to his torso, a subtle power move.

Their intense eye contact, while appearing friendly, had an underlying challenging tone. Both leaders are known for their alpha leadership styles, but in this meeting, Kim's body language seemed to have the upper hand.

Before the press conference, an interesting scene unfolded. As Kim stepped out of his car, Putin was quick to greet him, an act that James describes as an "act of inconvenience." This immediate approach made Kim feel honored and important.

Putin's prolonged handshake, lasting over thirty seconds, and his beaming smiles sent signals of friendly closeness. However, these gestures also hinted at a sense of relief on Putin's part.