Family had less than a dollar in their pocket - Left the supermarket in tears

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.13 - 2023 2:02 PM CET

Family had less than a dollar in their pocket - Left the supermarket in tears.

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In 2014, the Norwegian couple Ann Inger and Marius Arnesen and their four children woke up one winter night in January to the shock of their lives in the town of Alta. Their house was on fire.

They all managed to escape the burning house but couldn't save any of their belongings, according to Danish media Nyheder24.

The couple borrowed 2000 kroner ($238) so that the two adults and four children could get clothes and shoes. The entire family was taken to the hospital for observation due to potential smoke poisoning, which, fortunately, they all avoided. They had dinner at the hospital just before a taxi came to pick them up.

However, the family's youngest daughter was asleep during the meal and had not eaten by the time the taxi arrived.

"We asked the driver to stop at Rema1000 (Big Norwegian supermarketchain). We had 8 kroner ($0.95) left over from buying clothes, so my wife went into the supermarket hoping she could get a snack and something to drink for our daughter. When she came out with two shopping bags, I had tears in my eyes," Marius Arnesen told Finnmark Dagblad.

Ann Inger had approached an employee at Rema1000, and asked if she could get a bun and juice for the 8 kroner. After she told the employee her story, she was told she could take whatever they needed on the supermarket's tab.

"It was an enormous help for us. We got diapers, wet wipes, food, and drink so we could manage. I was so happy and relieved," said the mother of four.

Ten months after the fire, the couple felt they had not properly thanked Rema1000 in Hammerfest.

"Thank you so much to Rema1000 and the kind employee. We hope all citizens of Hammerfest will boast about them so they get the fame they deserve," said Marius Arnesen.

When the family returned to their burned-down house in Alta, friends and acquaintances had made a collection so the family received help to start a new life in the form of clothes, shoes, and toys for the four children.

"The owner of the local Jack&Jones and Vero Moda in Amfisenteret in Alta even called the couple and offered them new clothes from the inside out. We are overwhelmed by the help we have received when we were really in need," said the couple.

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