Friendship ended? Putin didn't pick up the phone

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.16 - 2023 11:29 AM CET

Putin didn't pick up the phone.

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As world leaders scramble to address the escalating crisis in Gaza, Russian President Vladimir Putin remains notably silent, abstaining from making a direct call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This absence of communication stands in stark contrast to the flurry of international calls urging Israel to de-escalate the situation.

While the U.S., UK, and other Western nations have been in constant dialogue with Israel, Putin's silence speaks volumes. According to Wall Street Journal, the Russian leader's decision not to engage directly with Netanyahu could be interpreted as a strategic move, given Russia's complex relationship with the Middle East.

The crisis in Gaza has prompted a wave of international concern, with leaders from various countries reaching out to Israel to discuss potential paths to de-escalation.

The absence of a call from Putin, who has significant influence in global politics, adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

It's worth noting that Russia has its own set of interests in the Middle East, often diverging from those of Western nations. The lack of direct communication between Putin and Netanyahu could be indicative of Russia's broader geopolitical strategy, which often involves maintaining a balanced relationship with both Israel and Palestine.

As the international community continues to seek solutions for the Gaza crisis, Putin's decision to remain silent could have far-reaching implications. Whether this absence signifies a calculated move or a missed opportunity remains to be seen.

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