German Defence Minister: War in Europa is a possibility

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.30 - 2023 10:41 AM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
'War in Europa is a possibility'

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Amid a backdrop of rising global tensions, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius elucidates the looming danger of war in Europe, urging German citizens to acclimate to this reality.

This caution emanates from escalating Middle East conflicts and Russia's sustained aggression towards Ukraine, which Pistorius foresees could reverberate through German society.

The German Defence Minister stated this in an interview with German tv-channel ZDF.

In a candid address, Pistorius accentuated the imperative for Germany to ramp up its defense mechanisms, encompassing both the military and societal realms.

"We have to become capable of fighting," he declared, underlining Germany's resolve in averting further turmoil in the Middle East. His words resonate a call to arms and a societal preparedness, reflecting the broader global unease.

Pistorius rebuffed critiques against the federal government for a purported sluggish response to the pivotal juncture.

He highlighted the establishment of a €100 billion special fund aimed at bolstering the Bundeswehr, Germany's armed forces, alongside structural alterations within state entities. These measures, he contends, exhibit Germany's proactive stance in navigating the tumultuous international waters.

Acknowledging a prolonged period of neglect towards the Bundeswehr, Pistorius remarked,

"Unfortunately, everything that has been spoiled for 30 years cannot be fixed in 19 months."

Despite this, he remains optimistic about Germany's defensive posture transforming substantially by the decade's end. This projection encapsulates Germany's strategic foresight in fortifying its national security apparatus against potential external threats.

Pistorius's candid acknowledgment of the war threats and Germany's proactive measures underscore a significant shift in the nation's defense narrative. As global tensions simmer, Germany's endeavors to strengthen its military and societal resilience echo a broader European sentiment of preparedness against unforeseeable adversities.

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