Horrific tragedy in Zoo: Zookeeper killed by rhinoceros

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.12 - 2023 10:52 AM CET

Photo: Salzburg Zoo
Photo: Salzburg Zoo
Zookeeper killed by rhinoceros.

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In a tragic turn of events, a zookeeper was fatally attacked by a rhinoceros at Salzburg Zoo in Austria. This is according to German newspaper Bild.de.

The incident took place early in the morning, shortly before 7 a.m., in the enclosure where the rhinoceroses are kept. The zookeeper who lost her life was a German national, and her identity has not been disclosed yet.

Another zookeeper, a male from Austria, tried to intervene and rescue his colleague but was also attacked by the rhinoceros.

He sustained serious injuries and was immediately rushed to the hospital for surgery. His condition is reported to be critical but stable.

Austrian police are investigating the incident, and the zoo has been temporarily closed for the day.

The rhinoceros involved in the attack remains in the zoo, and its future is currently uncertain. Authorities have not yet made a decision regarding the animal.

The zoo released a statement on Facebook, confirming the closure for the rest of the day and expressing their condolences to the family of the deceased zookeeper.

The incident has raised questions about the safety measures in place for zookeepers who work with potentially dangerous animals.

The zoo is expected to conduct an internal review of the incident, including an examination of safety protocols and procedures for handling dangerous animals.

The tragic event has sent shockwaves through the community, and the zoo is expected to release further updates as more information becomes available.

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