Hungarian Foreign Minister Says No Current Discussions on Further EU Sanctions Against Russia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.25 - 2024 1:51 PM CET

Photo: Victor Mogyldea /
Photo: Victor Mogyldea /
Currently, there is no further talk of a new EU sanctions package against Russia, according to Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó.

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In just under two years, the EU has enacted a total of 13 sanction packages against Russia. The most recent package, the 13th set of sanctions, was adopted on February 23, 2024, nearly marking the two-year anniversary of the invasion that began on February 24, 2022.

As of this writing, however, there appears to be no indication that further sanction packages are forthcoming. In an interview, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó mentioned that currently, there are no discussions underway about additional sanctions packages.

This statement was made during the 13th International Forum "Atomexpo-2024."

“There are no discussions yet,” Szijjártó said according to Ria Novosti.

Szijjártó's comments came during his participation in the Atomexpo 2024 forum, which took place in Sirius on March 25-26.

The Hungarian minister also highlighted his country's stance against the sanctions of Western countries on Russian nuclear energy.

He stressed Hungary's aspiration to serve as a "bridge" facilitating Russia's cooperation with other countries in the field of nuclear energy.

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