Hungarian officials meet U.S. republicans to halt Ukraine support

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.10 - 2023 7:30 PM CET


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Allies of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán are set to hold influential meetings in Washington with Republican members of Congress, aiming to end U.S. military support for Ukraine, according to The Guardian.

The two-day event, starting Monday, is organized by the conservative Heritage Foundation and will include discussions on the war in Ukraine and transatlantic cultural issues.

Márton Ugroshdi, Deputy Secretary of State at Orbán's Political Office, and Attila Demko, a prominent Orbán-supporting scholar, are spearheading the event.

The first day's agenda includes panel speeches, with participants like former ambassador Kelly Curry, a Trump appointee, and Magor Ernyei from the Center for Fundamental Rights.

The second day will feature private discussions, reportedly involving Republican Congress members. This strategic meeting is occurring amid a heated debate in Washington regarding the continuation of aid to Ukraine.

The White House has recently cautioned that without legislative action, funds for military aid to Kyiv will deplete by year's end.

A source close to the Hungarian embassy suggested Orbán's confidence in blocking U.S. aid for Ukraine in Congress, as well as efforts to influence EU decisions on the matter.

The Heritage Foundation's involvement, known for its opposition to U.S. aid to Ukraine, highlights a significant conservative push against continued American involvement in the Ukraine conflict.