Hungary: Ukraine will not join NATO in 2024

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.30 - 2023 2:27 PM CET

Ukraine will not join NATO in 2024.

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In a recent development following the NATO Foreign Ministers' meeting in Brussels,

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has stated that Ukraine will not be joining NATO in 2024. This announcement comes amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions and discussions within the alliance. This is reported by Tass.

During the meeting, which spanned over two days, it was collectively decided by the NATO countries that the current global circumstances do not favor Ukraine's entry into the alliance.

This decision marks a significant moment in the NATO-Ukraine relations, especially considering the upcoming 75th anniversary summit of NATO to be held in Washington.

Szijjarto communicated this decision during a live broadcast on his Facebook page, where he engaged with Hungarian journalists.

He emphasized that the decision was clear and unanimous among the allies, indicating a strategic approach towards the expansion of NATO and its future engagements.

This announcement is a crucial development in the context of the ongoing conflict and geopolitical dynamics in Eastern Europe.

It reflects the cautious stance of NATO in its expansion policies and its response to the complex international landscape.