Incredible rescue: Worker pulled from flames in reading construction site

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.23 - 2023 3:11 PM CET

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In a breathtaking act of quick thinking and bravery, a crane operator saved a worker stranded atop the burning One Station Hill development in Reading.

The £750m building was engulfed in flames, creating a terrifying scene captured in remarkable footage that has since gone viral.

The dramatic video showcases the worker, trapped on the roof as the fire rages around him. With time running out, the worker faced a life-or-death decision. Initially hesitating due to the intensity of the inferno, he finally made the brave choice to board a cabin, which was skillfully maneuvered into place by a crane operator.

This incredible rescue highlights the heroism and quick thinking of the crane operator, who, using a makeshift winch, managed to lift the worker to safety, effectively saving his life. The incident at the One Station Hill development has since garnered widespread attention, shining a light on the risks faced by construction workers and the importance of emergency preparedness in such high-risk situations.

Watch the hero crane operator saving a man from burning, right below:

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