Inside the Russian secret services: An alleged plot to assassinate putin unfolds

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.05 - 2023 12:45 PM CET

An alleged plot to assassinate putin unfolds.

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Russian secret services have reportedly discovered a plot to assassinate President Vladimir Putin, and shockingly, the conspiracy seems to have originated within their own ranks.

According to Daily Star, the information came to light at a karaoke club known as Honey, located in Chekhov near Moscow—a place frequented by Russian agents.

Mikhail Yurchenko, a 37-year-old construction entrepreneur, is said to have been the informant who blew the whistle on the plot. Yurchenko reported that an "agent" at the club boasted about being assigned the "task" to "remove" Putin.

The agent even showed Yurchenko his service ID card during a "long heart-to-heart" conversation about the Ukraine war and Russia's future. Disturbed by what he had learned, Yurchenko reported the matter to the police.

Russian authorities are now investigating the alleged assassination plot. The special services have been searching for the unknown person who planned to 'remove' Putin.

Operatives have been sent to investigate the situation at the Honey club, where agents from various secret departments are known to gather.

The revelation comes just before Putin's 71st birthday on October 7 and amid a period of increased public appearances by the Russian leader.

He has been making several speeches justifying the war in Ukraine and criticizing Ukraine's western allies. It is speculated that Putin will soon announce his intention to seek re-election in the upcoming vote in March next year.

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