Kremlin Claims That NATO Plans to Attack Russian Territory

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.04 - 2024 9:18 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Kremlin Claims That NATO Plans to Attack Russian Territory.

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In a startling revelation over the weekend, a Russian publication released what is claimed to be a secret audio recording from the German military.

The German Defense Ministry confirmed on Saturday that the audio recording is genuine and that Russia has conducted espionage against the German defense forces.

On Monday, the Kremlin commented on the recording, with the Putin regime asserting that the recorded discussions serve as evidence that the NATO country is planning to initiate attacks on Russian territory.

"The recording itself indicates that within the Bundeswehr (Germany's defense force), there are discussions about plans to launch attacks on Russian territory materially and concretely," said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, according to Reuters.

"This requires no legal interpretation. Everything here is more than obvious."

"Does He Have Control?"

The Russian regime also questions whether Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz has any control over the situation.

"Here we need to find out if the Bundeswehr is acting on its own initiative. Then the question is: how does Scholz control the situation? Or is it part of the German government's policy?" Peskov said, adding that both scenarios are "very bad."

"Both again emphasize the direct involvement of the countries in the collective West in the conflict in Ukraine."

Warning of Nuclear War

This Russian statement is the second in a week where Moscow claims to see evidence of Western intentions to directly attack Russia.

Last week, several Putin allies stated that French troops would meet death and defeat like Napoleon's soldiers who invaded Russia in 1812, following President Emmanuel Macron's openness to send troops to Ukraine.

On Thursday, Putin warned of nuclear war if the West sends troops to Ukraine to fight against Russia.

Germany: "Information War"

The audio recording is said to consist of a conversation from a meeting between high-ranking German military officials discussing weapons for Ukraine and a potential attack from Kyiv on a bridge in Russian-occupied Crimea.

Germany commented on the interception over the weekend.

"The incident is much more than just eavesdropping and publishing a conversation. It is part of an information war that Putin is waging," said German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, according to Reuters.

This unfolding narrative showcases the escalating tensions and the complexity of international relations amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.