Latvia Plans to Reinforce Its Border with Belarus Starting Next Week

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.07 - 2024 12:43 PM CET

Photo: Radowitz /
Photo: Radowitz /
Latvia wants to increased protection of Its Border with Belarus, beginning next week.

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Latvia's Ministry of Internal Affairs is set to reintroduce heightened security measures along its border with Belarus beginning next week. This was stated in a draft order made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to Delfi.

The proposal outlines an enhanced border protection regime scheduled to run from March 13 to September 12, 2024. This decision comes in response to a surge in illegal migrant activity along the Belarusian border.

Specific areas targeted for increased security include Ludenza Krai, Kraslav Krai, Augšdaugava Krai, Daugavpils, and Kaunatska Volost of Rezekne Krai.

Under the enhanced security measures, the State Police and National Armed Forces will offer additional support to the State Border Guard. Furthermore, authorized agencies will have extended rights, such as entering properties without owner consent to counter threats.

Guntis Pujats, head of Latvia's State Border Guard (DPO), has previously mentioned a growing number of migrants attempting to cross the border illegally from Belarus.

Additionally, the Latvian government has opted to keep the Silene checkpoint on the Belarus border closed.

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