Many athletes struggle: Phil Mickelson breaks silence on a sensitive Issue

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.19 - 2023 2:48 PM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Phil Mickelson breaks silence on a sensitive Issue.

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Golf legend Phil Mickelson has publicly acknowledged his battle with gambling addiction, a subject that has been the topic of rumors for years.

In a recent statement according to TMZ, Mickelson revealed that what started as a hobby escalated into an obsession that had a profound impact on his personal life.

Mickelson's admission came in a social media post where he stated that he won't be participating in any betting activities this year.

He mentioned that although his financial losses were not catastrophic, the emotional toll it took on his relationships was significant. "You're here but you're not with us," is a phrase Mickelson said he heard often, highlighting how his addiction affected those close to him.

One of the most crucial elements in Mickelson's recovery has been the unwavering support from his wife, Amy.

"I couldn't have gotten through this without her," he said, crediting her for helping him navigate the challenges his addiction created.

Mickelson also disclosed that he has been seeking professional help for years and is on the path to recovery.

His admission follows allegations by popular gambler Billy Walters, who claimed that Mickelson had placed bets amounting to over $1 billion over three decades. However, Mickelson denied ever betting on competitions like the Ryder Cup.

Mickelson's candid admission shines a light on the broader issue of gambling addiction among athletes. His story serves as a cautionary tale and opens up a dialogue about the importance of moderation and the risks of crossing the line.