Massive Russian attacks from all sides in Avdiivka

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.24 - 2023 2:20 PM CET

Massive Russian attacks from all sides in Avdiivka.

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The eastern Ukrainian town of Avdiivka, near the Russian-held stronghold of Donetsk, is enduring a relentless attack from Russian forces, according to Vitaly Barabash, the town's head. Despite being nearly encircled and facing systematic shelling, the town has stood as a symbol of resistance since 2014.

According to Moscow Times, Barabash reports that Avdiivka is currently experiencing the third wave of assaults, with attacks coming from all directions, including the south and north flanks.

The focus of these attacks is the town's industrial zone, which is accessible to machinery due to its asphalt surface.

The intensity of the Russian offensive is evident in the use of guided air bombs and cluster munitions, leading to 30 to 40 significant strikes daily.

This heavy bombardment has drastically reduced Avdiivka's population from around 30,000 pre-war to just 1,350 residents, with 102 people evacuated in the last week alone.

Despite the destruction, Avdiivka remains a bastion of Ukrainian fortitude. The town's strategic location in the Donetsk region, a territory claimed by the Kremlin along with three other regions, makes it a critical point of contention in the ongoing conflict.

The resilience of Avdiivka and its inhabitants continues to symbolize the broader Ukrainian resistance against Russian aggression.

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