Moldova Warns of Potential Russian Provocations in Transnistria

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.25 - 2024 10:51 AM CET

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The Moldovan Reintegration Bureau, commenting on the recent incident in Transnistria, when a drone allegedly attacked a military helicopter, warned of the possibility of similar provocations by the Russian Federation.

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The incident, which involved a drone allegedly attacking a military helicopter in Transnistria, has been scrutinized by the Moldovan authorities.

According to a statement cited by Realitatea, the authorities found evidence of video editing in the footage of the incident, suggesting the helicopter fire was not caused by the drone as initially claimed.

The Reintegration Bureau believes this incident was orchestrated to stir panic and sustain societal tension.

"Judging by the information we have, it is important to inform the public that in the future the Russian Federation is planning even more similar actions along the perimeter of the Transnistrian region and the Security Zone," the bureau's statement reads.

These actions are purportedly designed to escalate panic, sow distrust among the public, and undermine the economy, the Bureau noted.

Ongoing Tensions in Transnistria

This warning comes amid reports of an explosion at a military unit in Tiraspol, Transnistria, on March 17, which local media attributed to a drone attack.

Meanwhile, Moldova's Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros, has voiced concerns that Russia's ambitions to invade Moldova have not waned, although there are no immediate signs of a military threat to the country.

Transnistria, a region hosting Russian troops in defiance of Moldova's sovereignty for over three decades, remains a focal point of regional instability.

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