Mum warns after 'freak accident' on escalator

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.08 - 2023 12:02 PM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
Mum warns after 'freak accident' on escalator.

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In a harrowing incident on an escalator, a mother named Olivia Jill had to act quickly to save her daughter Millie's foot from being severely injured.

Olivia took to social media to share the alarming experience and caution other parents about the potential dangers of wearing Crocs on escalators.

Olivia and her daughter Millie were using an escalator when Millie's Croc sandal got dangerously entangled in the machinery. "Millie's Croc was caught in the escalator's side halfway up," Olivia detailed in her Facebook post, sharing disturbing images of the damaged shoe.

Photo: Facebook

Acting swiftly, Olivia managed to free her daughter's foot. She posted photos showing the front part of the Croc completely torn off, caught between the escalator steps and its side wall.

Olivia emphasized in her post that many escalators have signs warning against wearing such footwear, as they can be hazardous.

The incident, described by witnesses as a "freak accident," left Olivia deeply shaken. She felt compelled to share her story online to alert other parents and caregivers about the risks.

"Keep your children away from the sides of escalators," she advised.

The online community responded with gratitude for the warning. One parent commented, "This is terrifying; I'm so relieved she's okay." Others pointed out that not just Crocs, but also shoelaces, can become easily ensnared in escalator mechanisms.

photo: Facebook