Nato country wants Russia and Ukraine to negotiate

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.23 - 2023 12:26 PM CET

Photo: President's Office
Photo: President's Office
Nato country wants Russia and Ukraine to negotiate.

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Slovakia has emerged as a proponent of peace negotiations in the ongoing Ukraine conflict. The Slovakian government, expressing its stance on the matter, has called for the initiation of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia.

According to RBC Ukraine, Slovakia's Foreign Minister, Ivan Korčok, emphasized the need for a diplomatic resolution.

He stated, "It is essential to start a dialogue aimed at ending the hostilities and finding a peaceful solution to the conflict." This statement reflects Slovakia's commitment to supporting peace and stability in the region.

Korčok further highlighted that while military support to Ukraine is crucial, it should be complemented by diplomatic efforts.

"Providing military aid is important, but we must also focus on diplomatic channels to bring about a cessation of hostilities," he said. This dual approach underscores Slovakia's balanced perspective on the conflict.

The minister also acknowledged the complexity of the situation, noting that any negotiations would be challenging given the current circumstances. However, he stressed the importance of initiating dialogue, regardless of the difficulties involved.

Slovakia's call for peace talks comes at a time when the conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate, causing widespread destruction and loss of life. The Slovakian government's stance is seen as a significant move in the international community's efforts to find a resolution to the ongoing crisis.

Korčok's comments have been welcomed by various international actors who see dialogue as a critical step towards achieving a sustainable peace in the region. The Slovakian initiative is a reminder of the importance of diplomatic efforts in complementing military strategies in conflict resolution.

As the situation in Ukraine remains tense, the world watches closely to see if Slovakia's call for peace talks will gain traction and lead to meaningful negotiations between the involved parties.