NATO wants to make military movement easier across borders

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.24 - 2023 8:32 AM CET


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In a significant move to bolster its rapid response capabilities, NATO's Chief of Logistics Command, Lieutenant General Alexander Solfrank, has urged member states to establish a free military movement zone within the European Union, reminiscent of the political Schengen area.

This proposed zone would facilitate the seamless and swift movement of NATO forces across Europe, a necessity underscored by the growing tensions and potential threats from Russia.

Currently, the movement of NATO troops in the EU is mired in bureaucratic procedures, posing a substantial risk of delays during critical times of armed conflict.

Solfrank's statement, "We are running out of time. What we don't do in peacetime, we won't be ready in the event of a crisis or war," highlights the urgent need for streamlined military mobility.

NATO forces in Europe are dispersed over a vast area, with not all units stationed on the eastern flank. This geographic spread necessitates the ability for rapid redeployment to effectively counter any potential aggression from the East.

The creation of a military Schengen zone would significantly enhance NATO's operational efficiency, ensuring that troops can be moved quickly to where they are most needed.

This initiative reflects NATO's ongoing efforts to adapt and strengthen its defense and deterrence posture, especially in light of the evolving security landscape in Europe.

The proposal has garnered attention and is likely to be a subject of discussion among NATO members, as they consider the logistical and strategic implications of such a move.

The concept of a military Schengen zone within the EU marks a pivotal step in NATO's strategic planning, aiming to ensure that the alliance remains prepared and agile in the face of emerging threats and challenges.

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