Nightmare news from Russia: Putin 'signed a pact with the devil'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.27 - 2023 12:47 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Putin 'signed a pact with the devil'.

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According to Politico, Russia is recruiting new mercenaries for the war in Ukraine, and these soldiers are being found in Cuba. Reportedly, young Cubans are so desperate due to their economic situation that they are willing to fight for the Kremlin.

The American portal Politico reports that Russia's losses in the Ukraine war are so significant that they are forced to be highly creative in finding new soldiers to send to the front lines.

According to the media outlet, Russia is currently recruiting mercenaries in Cuba. "Desperate young Cubans are joining the Russian army in search of a better life, even though many of them don't know what they're getting into," writes Politico. One of the recruits even stated that he had "signed a pact with the devil."

It is not known how many Cubans have responded to Russia's advertisements, but as of August, a Ukrainian portal had published data on 198 citizens of the country who are part of Vladimir Putin's army.

However, experts from Politico believe that Cuban recruits will not have a significant impact on the situation at the front, unlike mercenaries from the Wagner group.

In the face of heavy losses in Ukraine, Russia needs cannon fodder. Most foreign recruits come from Central Asian and African countries, Syria, and Afghanistan. Without language skills, knowledge of the terrain, or proper training for modern warfare, they will quickly be killed, the portal writes.

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