North Korea Strengthens Borders with Russia and China

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.16 - 2024 7:17 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
North Korea has reinforced its already stringent border controls

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Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, North Korea has reinforced its already stringent border controls, particularly along its northern frontier with China and Russia.

The Pyongyang regime, under Kim Jong-un's leadership, has intensified efforts to fortify the border fences, aiming to further isolate the country from external influences, according to EL Confidencial

Strengthening the Northern Borders

North Korea's response to the global health crisis included drastic measures to prevent the spread of the virus within its borders.

These measures extended to sealing off its borders with neighboring China and Russia, implementing strict travel restrictions, and enhancing surveillance along the frontier.

Satellite imagery and reports from human rights organizations reveal a significant increase in fencing and security infrastructure along the northern border regions.

Impact on Internal Security and International Relations

The fortified borders not only serve to prevent unauthorized crossings but also reflect North Korea's broader strategy to maintain internal stability and control.

The regime's focus on border security underscores its commitment to limiting external influences and preventing defections, which have become increasingly difficult and costly during the pandemic.

Geopolitical Implications

The isolationist policies of North Korea have had profound geopolitical implications, affecting its relations with neighboring countries and the broader international community.

The tightened border controls have strained relations with China and Russia, despite historical ties, as North Korea remains steadfast in its efforts to maintain sovereignty and security.