Odesa's "Harry Potter Castle" Ablaze After Deadly Russian Attack

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.30 - 2024 9:21 AM CET

Photo: OSINTdefender on X
Photo: OSINTdefender on X
A Russian airstrike targeted a distinctive Gothic building known as the "Harry Potter Castle" in Odesa, Ukraine.

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A Russian airstrike tragically struck a distinctive Gothic-style building in Odesa, Ukraine, commonly referred to as the "Harry Potter Castle" because of its architectural features.

The attack, which occurred last night, resulted in the building catching fire and the loss of at least four lives, according to the Associated Press.

Details of the Attack

The "Harry Potter Castle," so named for its Gothic architectural features reminiscent of the magical school in the popular book series, was struck by a Russian missile last night.

The impact caused extensive fire damage to the structure and led to a tragic loss of life. Among the deceased was the vice-rector of the educational institution located within the building. Additionally, former Ukrainian parliament member Sergei Kivalov was reported injured in the strike.

The building serves both as an educational institution and as an architectural landmark in Odesa, adding to the city's rich cultural heritage.

Broader Context: U.S. Aid to Ukraine

This event occurs against the backdrop of recent developments in international support for Ukraine.

Earlier this month, after prolonged negotiations and delays caused by political deadlock in the U.S. Congress, a significant aid package for Ukraine was finally passed, totaling over $6 billion.

The new funds are expected to significantly strengthen Ukraine's war efforts, particularly the air defense systems that have been under severe strain due to increasing Russian airstrikes, which continue to result in civilian casualties.

The hope in both Kyiv and Washington is that this aid package will provide much-needed support to mitigate the impacts of such attacks.

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