Pentagon announces: Country in significant nuclear buildup

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.20 - 2023 11:59 PM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Country in significant nuclear buildup.

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China has significantly ramped up its nuclear capabilities, according to a new Pentagon report according to BBC.

The report reveals that China now has an estimated 500 nuclear warheads, marking a 25% increase from last year's count of around 400.

The Pentagon also states that Chinese President Xi Jinping has plans to double this arsenal to 1,000 warheads by 2030, aligning with his vision to establish a "world-class military" by 2049.

The report further notes that China has constructed 300 new missile silos capable of housing intercontinental ballistic missiles with a range exceeding 5,500 kilometers.

Despite this significant buildup, the Pentagon maintains that China continues to adhere to a no-first-use policy concerning nuclear weapons.

In addition to its nuclear capabilities, the report also touches on the escalating tensions between China and Taiwan.

It states that Beijing has increased its "diplomatic, political, and military pressure" against Taiwan, which has been self-governed since 1949.

Xi Jinping has reportedly directed the military to prepare for a potential invasion of Taiwan by 2027.

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