Polish President Persuades Trump to Shift His Stance on Ukraine

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.22 - 2024 12:14 PM CET

Photo: CBS on YouTube
Photo: CBS on YouTube
Poland's leader influenced Trump's position on Ukraine, according to the Lithuanian president.

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Polish President Andrzej Duda may have swayed former US President Donald Trump's stance on Ukraine, according to his Lithuanian counterpart, Gitanas Nausėda, as Congress prepares to pass a $60 billion aid package for Kyiv.

Controversy and Outcome of Duda's Visit

Duda's visit to the US to meet with Trump sparked controversy in Poland. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, while skeptical, expressed hope that Duda would use the opportunity to encourage Trump to take a clearer stance in favor of Western values and democracy.

In this regard, Duda seems to have succeeded, Nausėda suggested.

“I've been hearing about a shift in Donald Trump's rhetoric and a willingness from US authorities to make the necessary and long-awaited decisions. I believe that [Duda's] visit and talks with Donald Trump had a positive effect, and I'm pleased with Andrzej Duda's achievement," Nausėda said, as quoted by Euractiv.

So far, Trump has sent mixed signals regarding Ukraine. He was not previously in favor of spending billions on military support for Kyiv, nor were his most vocal supporters in Congress. However, just one day after meeting Duda, Trump acknowledged for the first time that Ukraine's survival was important to the US.

“As everyone agrees, Ukrainian survival and strength should be much more important to Europe than to us, but it is also important to us! GET MOVING EUROPE!” Trump posted on his social media platform, Truth Social.

Duda's Relationship with Trump

Duda has long been one of Trump's European allies, maintaining a strong relationship during Trump's presidency from 2016 to 2020. His admiration for Trump was evident during his visit, where he described their meeting as "friendly" and noted that they had four great years together as leaders of their respective countries. Duda's high regard for Trump has been apparent in his public statements and actions, including his suggestion to name a military base in Poland "Fort Trump."

“He is doing a fantastic job. People of Poland love him, they really do,” Duda said about Trump, as quoted by the Polish Press Agency.

US House Passes Ukraine Aid Package

On Saturday, in a rare show of bipartisan unity, the US House of Representatives approved long-delayed military aid for Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy welcomed the $61 billion earmarked for his country, stating that the military and economic aid would “save thousands of lives.”

Officials from NATO, the European Union, and its member states also welcomed the passing of the Ukraine aid bill.

“Ukraine is using the weapons provided by NATO Allies to destroy Russian combat capabilities. This makes us all safer, in Europe and North America,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg wrote on X.

“Better late than too late. And I hope it is not too late for Ukraine,” Tusk wrote on X, also thanking House Speaker Mike Johnson.

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