Prince Harry: Finally free and happy without Meghan

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.12 - 2023 7:45 AM CET

Photo: ZDF
Photo: ZDF
Finally free and happy without Meghan.

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Prince Harry, 38, has recently been traveling abroad for a documentary project in Botswana, which he considers his second home.

He met with filmmakers Tania "TJ" Jenkins and Mike Holding, whom he refers to as his second family.

During this time, he appeared more carefree than he has been in a long time. Missing his wife? Not at all!

After a brief visit to Meghan at their home in Montecito, Harry continued his travels to Asia. Accompanying him was Argentine polo player Ignacio "Nacho" Figueras.

The Prince seemed to be enjoying himself, especially during a charity polo tournament.

"I would love to live here if you'll have me," he even announced during an event in Tokyo.

Duchess Meghan: The Suffering Wife

Meanwhile, Meghan portrayed herself as the suffering spouse.

She was photographed by paparazzi in her adopted home with a sad expression and a noticeable anti-stress patch on her wrist.

According to the manufacturer, the blue patch is designed to help minimize stress and improve sleep quality.

However, the Duchess did find some comfort: she went out for a fancy dinner with friends and attended a Taylor Swift concert. It's as if she's saying, "Look Harry, I can do well without you too!"

Did you see Meghan Markles anti-stress patch? If not you have the oppertunity in the video below:

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