Prins Harry 'humiliated' on German TV

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.10 - 2023 8:58 AM CET

Photo: ZDF
Photo: ZDF
Prins Harry 'humiliated' on German TV.

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Prince Harry, who recently inaugurated the Invictus Games in Düsseldorf, faced a different kind of challenge on German television.

The Duke of Sussex appeared on ZDF's Sportstudio on Saturday night, where he was invited to participate in a shooting challenge, a tradition for guests on the show.

A royal attempt at goal scoring

As the show's host, Katrin Müller-Hohenstein, introduced her royal guest, Prince Harry discussed his experiences as a soldier in Afghanistan and the mission of the Invictus Games. Also joining the conversation were Germany's Defense Minister Boris Pistorius and veterans Angelo Anderson and Jens Niemeyer, both of whom served in the Afghanistan war.

Before taking his shots, Prince Harry entered into a bet with co-host Sven Voss.

"What happens if I don't score?" asked the British royal.

"Then you have to wear a Germany jersey," Voss replied. The challenge was to score three goals in the lower hole and three in the upper hole of a target. Despite firing six shots, Prince Harry failed to score a single goal.

Watch the video with Prince Harry here

Wearing a Germany jersey would have been awkward enough for a British royal, but given Germany's recent 1-4 loss to Japan, even German fans were keen to shed their jerseys.

Fortunately for Prince Harry, the studio was unprepared for such a scenario and didn't have a Germany jersey on hand. Instead, a studio guest lent him a Mainz 05 fan scarf.

In contrast to Prince Harry's performance, SPD politician Boris Pistorius successfully scored his first two low shots, prompting Harry to jokingly suggest,

"Is he the new soccer coach for Germany?" Pistorius laughed it off, saying, "I have enough worries already!"