Putin expresses regret in new statement

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.06 - 2023 8:55 AM CET

Foto: Wikipedia Commons
Foto: Wikipedia Commons
Putin expresses regret in new statement.

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On Monday, December 4, Vladimir Putin expressed regret over the deterioration of diplomatic relations between Moscow and the West, following Russia's attack on Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions against Moscow.

According to Francetvinfo, this statement was made as the Russian head of state received several new European ambassadors at the Kremlin.

During a ceremony honoring newly appointed foreign ambassadors, he welcomed, among others, the new representatives from Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Greece, and Slovenia.

With the Swedish representative, Vladimir Putin lamented the "complete absence of political contacts" and a restriction of "economic cooperation" as well as "cultural and humanitarian ties" between Russia and Sweden.

In receiving the new British ambassador, given that London is one of the most active supporters of Kyiv against Moscow, Putin simply stated that the state of dialogue between Russia and the United Kingdom was "known to all".

The Russian president observed, in the presence of the new Slovenian ambassador, that the bilateral dialogue between Moscow and Ljubljana had been "halted", assuring that Russia is "ready" to restart it if the Slovenian side wished.

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