Russia Attempts to Apprehend Prime Minister from NATO Country

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.13 - 2024 11:44 AM CET

Photo: 279photo Studio /
Photo: 279photo Studio /
Russia has officially declared one of NATO's key figures wanted.

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The Putin regime is now aggressively targeting one of its neighboring countries and, in particular, its highest political leader.

This involves Estonia and its Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas, who has been "wanted" by the Kremlin, international media report.

"Wanted under criminal law, writes Reuters," referring to Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"Could Be Erased from the Map"

As the leader of one of the NATO member countries in Russia's immediate vicinity, Kaja Kallas plays a crucial role in the increasingly escalating global situation.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the Estonian prime minister has been a vocal advocate for sending more weapons to the Ukrainian defense.

She has also warned that Estonia could "be erased from the map" based on NATO's readiness plans in the event of a Russian invasion during the invasion year.

"Those of you who have been to Tallinn and are familiar with our old town and the centuries of history and culture that exist here - it would be erased from the map, including our people, our nation," Kaja Kallas told the Financial Times at the time.

One of Several Names

The warrant does not mention any specific charges.

The only information provided is that the Putin regime wants to apprehend Kallas in connection with an "undisclosed criminal case," according to the news agency AP.

In addition to Estonia's prime minister, the Russian list also includes the country's secretary of state and Lithuania's Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys.

Also, 67 members of the Latvian parliament are on the list of individuals that Russia intends to arrest, according to independent Russian Mediazona.

"Behaving Like Swine"

Lately, Latvia, in particular, has received special attention from Russia, which has incited against the country in a manner similar to the lead-up to the invasion of Ukraine.

Among other accusations, Vladimir Putin has charged Latvia with discriminating against its Russian-speaking minority.

"If they conduct such a policy towards people who want to live in that country, have worked there, create something good for that country, and they treat them so swinishly, then eventually they themselves will face this swinish behavior in their country, Putin stated in December," according to Newsweek.

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