Russia Deploys Massive Bomb in Ukraine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.21 - 2024 9:59 AM CET

Russia's deployment of a massive bomb in Ukraine marks a new escalation in the conflict.

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A new, terrifying weapon has appeared on the Ukrainian battlefield. For the first time, Russia has deployed the gigantic FAB-3000 M-54 bomb, weighing an astonishing 3000 kilograms.

Devastating Impact on Kharkiv

According to the reputable Institute for the Study of War (ISW), this bomb, capable of significant destruction, was dropped on a Ukrainian position in the town of Lyptsi in the Kharkiv region.

Although the bomb missed its target by 10 meters, it still caused considerable damage.

A New Era of Bombing

The FAB-3000 M-54 bomb has been known for its potential to be converted into a glide bomb. However, the Russians previously struggled to find a solution for aircraft to deliver such a heavy payload.

This challenge appears to have been overcome.

ISW highlights this as a major step forward for Russian forces, stating,

"The ability of Russian forces to now deploy FAB-3000 bombs represents a significant development and will increase the destructive potential in Russia's continued glide bomb attacks against Ukrainian forces and infrastructure."

The institute also notes an increase in the use of various types of glide bombs by Russia, particularly in the Kharkiv region. This escalation in bomb deployment suggests a shift in tactics aimed at maximizing damage and pressure on Ukrainian defenses.