Russia prepares for groundbreaking missile test

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.20 - 2023 7:11 PM CET

Russia prepares for groundbreaking missile test over South Pole.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is advancing plans to test-launch the formidable Satan 2 missile, the largest ballistic missile in the world, over the South Pole.

This significant development in military technology has raised global attention due to the missile's unprecedented capabilities.

This is reported by Times of India.

Satan 2: A new era in ballistic technology

Dubbed Satan 2, this colossal missile, traveling at a staggering speed of 15,880 miles per hour, is comparable in size to a 14-story building and weighs 208 tonnes.

Its upcoming deployment marks a significant milestone in Russia's military advancements.

Operational challenges and progress

Despite the missile's advanced design, there have been challenges in its testing phase.

The Sarmat missile's testing process has not been fully completed, with reports indicating a need for additional launches, including some over the South Pole. The first regiment equipped with the Sarmat is expected to start its operational duties by the end of the year, amidst ongoing tests in Siberia.

The testing and deployment of Satan 2 signal a new phase in global military dynamics, with potential implications for international security and arms control. Putin's assurance of the missile's readiness for mass production and combat duty adds a significant dimension to the geopolitical landscape.