Russia State Duma Says U.S. and UK Are Involved in Moscow Concert Hall Attack

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.22 - 2024 10:47 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
According to the Russian State Duma, there is no doubt that the USA and UK are implicated in this evening's horrific attack in Moscow.

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In the wake of the devastating attack at Crocus City Hall, a web of accusations and counter-accusations has been spun by officials from Russia, the United States, Great Britain, and Ukraine, each offering divergent narratives on the tragic events that left at least 40 dead and over a hundred injured.

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Security Committee, Andrei Lugovoy, implicated the United States and Great Britain as orchestrators behind the scenes. Speaking on SolovievLIVE, Lugovoy pointed to the precursory warnings issued by the British and US embassies to their citizens in Moscow as a suspicious preamble to the attack.

“Before March 8, the British and US embassies were very careful to report and warn their citizens to be careful in Moscow, without saying what was happening,” Lugovoy said according to Moscow Times.

“Now we see that immediately, literally within half an hour after the start of these events, the White House is actively declaring who is involved in this and who is not involved. I have no doubt that these are the main core customers.”     

The Russian Lieutenant Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Oleg Ivannikov, instead levels his accusations against France, believing that a picture shared by French President Emmanuel Macron is clear evidence.

Meanwhile, Zelensky's advisor has spoken on behalf of the Ukrainian president, stating that Ukraine has nothing to do with the attack and that the war is being fought on the battlefield.

The incident itself, a shocking breach of peace and security, saw armed assailants in camouflage open fire and deploy explosives inside the concert hall, culminating in a conflagration that added to the chaos and horror of the evening.

Eyewitness accounts detailed the harrowing moments when at least three individuals unleashed a barrage of automatic gunfire followed by the detonation of an explosive device, leading to a significant loss of life and numerous injuries.

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