Russia testing new weapon

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.29 - 2023 8:02 AM CET

Russia testing new weapon.

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Russia's military is reportedly testing an advanced version of the Kamikaze drone, known as "Izdeliye-53," which can autonomously identify targets.

According to ISW, this new drone, equipped with an automatic guidance system, could improve the precision of attacks by distinguishing between different types of targets.

Although the "Izdeliye-53" drones have not yet been deployed on a large scale, the Russian military is evaluating their effectiveness for potential coordinated swarm attacks. Such tactics could pose challenges to traditional air defense systems, especially when deployed in large numbers.

In addition to "Izdeliye-53," the Russian military is also reported to have used "Italmas" drones ("Izdeliye-54") in an attack on the Kiev region. The aim is to overwhelm Ukrainian air defense positions with a barrage of attack drones. ,

However, the payload of the "Izdeliye-53," which varies between three and five kilograms, may not be sufficient to significantly damage major military infrastructures.

The development and testing of such technologies highlight the ongoing modernization and adaptation of warfare, where drone technology is playing an increasingly significant role.