Russian Authorities Detain People for Mourning Navalny

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.06 - 2024 8:10 AM CET

In Moscow, authorities are still detaining individuals who have placed flowers at monuments to remember the late opposition leader Oleksiy Navalny.

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OVD-Info reported on Tuesday, March 5, as per Radio Svoboda, that early that morning, police visited the home of Polina Orekhova, accusing her of breaching mass event participation rules at the Wall of Sorrow on February 17.

On that day, people had gathered to leave flowers in Navalny's memory.

Orekhova is now being held at a police station, unable to contact anyone as her phone and personal items were confiscated. She faces a 48-hour detention.

Yehor Komlev, another Moscow resident, was detained right outside his home. He shared that he was taken to the police station and had his passport confiscated for placing flowers in Navalny's memory on February 16 and 17 and attending the funeral.

Komlev was identified through surveillance footage.

Elena Hrybkova faced a similar fate on March 5, detained for her memorial actions and attendance at Navalny's funeral. She had previously been detained during a memorial rally on February 17 but was released with a warning.

Olena Levina also recounted being detained and taken to a Moscow police department. She had been detained at the February 17 memorial rally for Navalny but was released with a warning.

OVD-Info reported that on the day of Navalny's burial, over 100 individuals were detained across Russia at various memorial events, with more than 104 arrests in 19 cities by 03:18. Novosibirsk saw the highest number of detentions, with at least 20 people arrested.

Navalny was laid to rest on March 1 at the Borysovsky Cemetery in Moscow, with dignitaries from the European Union and the USA in attendance.

The Russian government announced on February 16, 2024, the death of the 47-year-old opposition figure Navalny, who died in a penal colony in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. His close associates confirmed his passing the following day.

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