Russian Media: Two Suspects Detained in Connection with Crocus City Hall Terror Attack

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.23 - 2024 8:47 AM CET

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps
Two Suspects Detained in Connection with Crocus City Hall Terror Attack

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In a recent development following the harrowing terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall, the "Caution, News" telegram channel has disclosed that two individuals implicated in the tragedy have been detained by authorities.

As the investigation unfolds, these detainees are currently undergoing investigative procedures.

"Investigative measures are currently being carried out with the two detainees," reveals the update from the channel according to Russian media. Preliminary findings have affirmed the men's connection to the terrorist attack, marking a significant breakthrough in the case.

While this progress sheds a glimmer of hope on a grim situation, the hunt for additional suspects is far from over. The telegram channel's report specifies that the group targeted in the investigation consists of six citizens of Tajikistan, indicating that efforts to apprehend the remaining members are ongoing.

These statements from the Russian media have not yet been confirmed by official sources.

This news comes on the heels of an earlier report about a vehicle being intercepted in the Bryansk region.

This car bore a resemblance to the one described in alerts concerning the suspected terrorists' getaway vehicle. However, as of now, there is a lack of official confirmation regarding the identities or affiliations of those detained.