Russia's Response to Japan's Recent Sanctions Draws Attention

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.26 - 2024 2:02 PM CET

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot
Russia is considering seeking international partners for joint economic projects on the Kuril Islands.

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Recent developments have highlighted tensions between Russia and Japan, particularly in light of Japan's expanded sanctions against Russia, targeting over three dozen organizations and 12 individuals.

Political analysts from China have shared insights into Moscow's prospective strategies towards its Eastern neighbor following these sanctions, as reported by Tencent according to AB News.

Post-re-election, Russian President Putin is reportedly set to address provocations from Japan decisively, according to Chinese media outlets.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has vowed to respond appropriately to Japan's new sanctions, with the lack of developed economic ties between the two nations limiting Russia's retaliatory options.

Nonetheless, the Kremlin seems to have found an intriguing method of retaliation, particularly concerning the disputed Kuril Islands.

The dispute over the Kuril Islands has long been a sensitive and crucial issue for Japan, which has unsuccessfully contested Russia's sovereignty over these territories for years.

Signals from Moscow suggest that Russia intends to exert pressure on this very issue, with no mercy expected.

Chinese journalists report that Russia plans to resolve the Kuril Islands issue in an unconventional manner, actively seeking international partners for joint economic projects on the islands. Several large Chinese companies appear to be highly interested in this cooperation.

There is a high probability that Putin might visit the Kuril Islands this year, potentially finalizing some contracts.

China believes that news of involving foreign states in the development of the Kuril Islands would be a significant blow to the Japanese government's pride, essentially signaling that the islands are definitively lost to them.

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