Slovak Prime Minister Vows to Block Ukraine's NATO Entry

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.20 - 2024 8:27 PM CET

Slovak PM Vows to Block Ukraine's NATO Entry.

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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, known for his frequent anti-Ukrainian statements, has declared his intention to obstruct Ukraine's potential membership in NATO.

In a recent interview with Slovak radio, Fico stated that Ukraine must concede a portion of its territory to Russia as a "compromise."

This announcement comes ahead of his scheduled meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal on January 24th.

Fico, who often aligns with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in echoing Russian perspectives on Ukraine, suggested that Kyiv is under American influence.

He expressed skepticism about Russia's withdrawal from Crimea, Donbas, and Luhansk, deeming such expectations "unrealistic."

Despite his harsh rhetoric, experts believe Fico is unlikely to directly oppose Western consensus in practice, particularly as the EU's aid to Ukraine remains frozen due to Hungary's sole opposition.

Fico also stated he wouldn't oppose Ukraine's EU membership, provided Kyiv meets all accession criteria.

In another move diverging from Western unity, Slovakia did not join nearly 50 countries in denouncing North Korea's reported deployment of ballistic missiles against Ukraine.

Slovak Foreign Minister Juraj Blanar has indicated willingness to condemn military deals between Russia and North Korea upon receiving substantial evidence.

Fico's recent comments have sparked discussions about the complexities of EU-Russian relations and Slovakia's stance on key international issues.