Students force reversal of controversial bathroom policy with walkout

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.07 - 2023 8:45 AM CET

Photo: Screenshot from X
Photo: Screenshot from X
Students force reversal of controversial bathroom policy with walkout.

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In a Pennsylvania high school, students took matters into their own hands to protest a bathroom policy they found unacceptable.

The policy, which allowed students to use bathrooms not corresponding to their biological sex, led to a massive walkout at Perkiomen Valley High School in Montgomery County.

The walkout was sparked after a father, Tim Jagger, reported that his daughter felt uncomfortable using the school restroom due to the presence of a boy in the girls' bathroom.

The students' protest was not in vain. During a subsequent school board meeting, parents voiced their concerns, questioning the safety and appropriateness of the policy.

One parent even questioned how the school could monitor such a policy when they couldn't even control vaping and drug use in the bathrooms.

The collective voice of the students and parents led to a change. Board member Don Fountain switched his vote, resulting in the approval of a policy that restricts bathroom use to correspond with one's biological sex.

Tim Jagger believes that the change was a direct result of the student walkout and the vocal opposition from parents.

The issue of bathroom policies is not unique to this Pennsylvania school; it's a topic of heated debate in educational institutions across the country.

However, for now, the students and parents at Perkiomen Valley High School can claim a hard-fought victory.

Watch the walk out below

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