That was a close call: Unpleasant surprise in a McDonald's burger

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.07 - 2023 6:25 PM CET

Unpleasant surprise in a McDonald's burger.

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While McDonald's is a go-to fast-food chain for many, the quality of its offerings has always been a topic of debate. A recent incident, however, has raised more than just eyebrows.

According to Daily Mail, a man found a metal rod in his burger, an experience that could have had severe consequences.

McDonald's has its fair share of critics and supporters. For some, it's a guilty pleasure, while others wouldn't dare step foot in the restaurant.

But even the most ardent fans might think twice after hearing about a recent incident. A man bit into his McDonald's burger and found something that was definitely not on the menu—a several-centimeter-long metal rod.

The Shocking Discovery

The incident came to light through a report by the "Daily Mail," which cited the account of the man's girlfriend on social media.

The man was enjoying his meal when he felt something hard in his mouth. Upon inspection, he found a metal rod embedded in his burger. The outcome could have been disastrous had he swallowed it.

What's even more surprising is the reaction of the McDonald's staff when the man showed them the foreign object in his food. Far from being shocked, the employees casually mentioned that the metal rod was a part of a thermometer they had been searching for all day.

As a form of compensation, the staff offered to make a new burger for the man. Initially accepting the offer, the man later declined, stating he had lost his appetite. The employees then offered him a $15 refund, which he found satisfactory.

However, online comments suggest that not everyone agrees with this resolution.

You can see the metal rod via the link below