Tragic Avalanche Claims the Life of Celebrated Skier Katherine "Kasha" Rigby at 54

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.16 - 2024 8:09 AM CET

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Tragic Avalanche Claims the Life of Celebrated Skier Katherine "Kasha" Rigby at 54.

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In a somber turn of events that has shocked the skiing community, Katherine "Kasha" Rigby, a revered figure in the sport, has been confirmed dead following an avalanche incident in southern Kosovo.

The distressing rumors that began circulating among media outlets on Thursday have now been tragically confirmed, marking a profound loss for friends, family, and fans alike.

The Daily Mail reports the incident occurred in the Brezovica ski resort, a popular destination for skiing enthusiasts. Local police disclosed that the avalanche claimed the life of a 54-year-old woman, later identified as Rigby, an icon in the skiing world renowned for her passion and skill on the slopes.

Rigby was enjoying a ski trip with her fiancé, Magnus Wolfe Murray, when the tragedy struck. While navigating the slope, a sudden avalanche swept her into a cluster of trees, an impact that, regrettably, resulted in her fatal injuries. The specifics of the incident point to the collision with the trees as the cause of death.

The news has prompted an outpouring of grief and remembrance on Rigby's social media, where friends and admirers have left messages of condolence and shared memories of their time with the skier.

Her final post, eerily foreshadowing the dangers she faced, commented on the challenging conditions at Brezovica: "Side rain, a big meltdown, and wind too high to run lifts don't keep these skiers away," Rigby wrote. "Still just happy to be in the snow."

Katherine "Kasha" Rigby's passing at the age of 54 has left a void in the hearts of many within the skiing community and beyond. Her legacy, marked by a profound love for skiing and an indomitable spirit, will continue to inspire future generations of skiers.

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