Trump issues grim warning

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.11 - 2023 2:13 PM CET

Trump issues grim warning.

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Donald Trump, the former U.S. President, recently made headlines with his ominous prediction about the likelihood of World War 3.

Speaking at a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Trump delved into various geopolitical issues, including the recent attack against Israel by Palestinian militants.

This is reported by TND.

Trump's comments came shortly after Palestinian militant group Hamas broke through the Gaza-Israel barrier. He criticized the attack as an "unprecedented act of savagery" and claimed that such an event would not have occurred under his leadership.

During his speech, Trump told the audience, "We are closer to World War 3 than we've ever been." He asserted that he is the only one capable of preventing such a catastrophic event.

The former President also touched upon Russia's actions, stating that the country would not have invaded Ukraine if he were still in office. He claimed that he would have deterred both conflicts through advancements in weaponry, describing a war unlike any seen before due to new types of armaments.

Trump didn't miss the opportunity to criticize current President Joe Biden, whom he described as 'cognitively impaired.' He accused Biden of leading the nation towards another war and labeled him the 'worst and most corrupt president' in history.

Interestingly, Trump made a couple of errors during his speech. He confused World War 3 with World War 2 and also mistakenly referred to Hillary Clinton as the 44th President, Barack Obama, whom he defeated in the 2016 election.

The former President's alarming statements have added another layer of tension to an already fraught global landscape, leaving many to ponder the future of international relations.

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