Ukraine Launches War Damage Compensation Initiative

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.02 - 2024 2:58 PM CET

Ukraine's Register of Damages opens applications for victims seeking compensation for the devastation wrought by Russian military actions.

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The Register of Damages Caused by the Aggression of the Russian Federation Against Ukraine (RD4U) has commenced the process of accepting applications for compensation. This initiative was reported in the press service of the registry on April 2.

A Phased Approach to Justice

Starting April 2, 2024, the RD4U will initially focus on applications related to the damage or destruction of residential real estate.

As the year progresses, the registry plans to expand its scope to include over 40 categories of applications from those most affected by the war. These applications encompass a wide range of harms, from loss of life and personal injury to economic losses and the destruction of Ukraine’s historical, and cultural heritage.

"The registry will accept applications from people, businesses and the state of Ukraine regarding more than 40 categories of damage, including loss of life, bodily injury, torture and sexual violence, forced deportation, loss of property and other economic damage, as well as damage to historical and cultural heritage and the environment," the message says.

The RD4U anticipates an overwhelming response, expecting to receive between 6 to 8 million applications across all categories. The initial phase alone could see up to 600,000 claims for compensation.

Streamlined Processes for Victims

The registry offers a streamlined process for applicants, integrating with the existing "eRecovery" program and leveraging local authorities' assessments to facilitate the submission of claims. This inclusive approach ensures that even those in temporarily occupied territories have the opportunity to seek compensation.

"Today, we are taking a huge step in restoring justice and compensating for the damages caused to Ukraine and Ukrainians by the war. From now on, the Register of Damages for Ukraine is turning from a conceptual idea into a practical tool,” Markiyan Klyuchkovskyi, Executive Director of the Damage Registry for Ukraine, stated.

"This is not just a database, through the systematic documentation of each case we are laying the foundation for a process that will allow the world to see the extent of the damage caused to Ukraine and ensure that everyone affected receives fair compensation," Klyuchkovskyi added.

Opened on March 22, 2024, the Loss Register's office in Kyiv functions as a pivotal hub for coordinating legal and technical efforts, facilitating the application process, and conducting informational and educational campaigns.