Ukraine Reports Successful Strike: 'All Targets Have Been Destroyed'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.06 - 2024 9:14 AM CET

'All Targets Have Been Destroyed'.

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Almost daily, there are reports of successful attacks from either Russia or Ukraine. Today, Ukraine has announced that they have carried out a successful attack on a Russian command center, where 'All targets have been destroyed'.

The Ukrainian Air Force executed a successful strike against the Russian-held Saky airbase in occupied Crimea. Air Force Commander General Mykola Oleshchuk announced on Telegram, January 6, that the strike effectively destroyed a Russian command center located at the airbase.

He praised the efforts of Ukrainian pilots, stating, "All targets have been destroyed!" and "I again thank our pilots for great work!" This attack is part of Ukraine's intensified efforts to disrupt Russian military logistics and weaken the southern defenses of Russia.

10 blasts heard

Local media reported multiple explosions on the Crimean peninsula overnight between January 5-6, with up to 10 blasts heard near the city of Yevpatoriia.

Consequently, occupation authorities reportedly shut down traffic on the Crimean Bridge​​​​.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that its forces had intercepted four Ukrainian guided missiles over Crimea. The Saky airbase, targeted in the Ukrainian attack, is situated near the town of Novofedorivka, approximately 20 kilometers southeast of Yevpatoriia​​.

This strike follows a pattern of successful Ukrainian operations in the region, including a previous attack on a Russian command post near Sevastopol and ammunition warehouses near the village of Pervomaiske on January 4​​.

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