Ukraine's Resolve Undiminished, Ready to Fight with Shovels if Necessary, Says Foreign Minister Kuleba

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.16 - 2024 1:10 PM CET


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In a recent interview with ABC News, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba issued a powerful statement of resolve, emphasizing that Ukrainians are prepared to continue their fight against Russian forces, even if it means resorting to shovels should they run out of weapons. This statement underscores the unwavering determination of Ukraine in the ongoing conflict.

Kuleba's remarks come at a critical time when he is urging the U.S. Congress to approve a new funding agreement to increase military aid to Ukraine. He argued that additional support for Ukraine could help prevent a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia, potentially involving U.S. troops.

The Foreign Minister highlighted the global implications of the conflict, stating, "Whatever the price of supporting Ukraine now, the price of fixing the disorder in the world, if Ukraine loses, will be much, much higher." He further questioned the ability of the West to confront threats elsewhere if they fail to stop Russia in Ukraine.

Kuleba firmly ruled out any negotiations with Putin's regime until Ukraine achieves a stronger position on the battlefield. He acknowledged that the Russian military had adapted to the war, but remained confident in predicting more defeats for Russia in the coming year.

Despite recent Russian advances in areas like Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine, Kuleba downplayed their significance, noting that any gains by Russia came at an "extremely high price." He rejected the notion that Russia currently holds a battlefield advantage.

In response to recent drone attacks launched by Ukraine into Russian territory, Kuleba did not comment directly but suggested that these actions serve to demonstrate the negative impact of the war on Russia. He emphasized the importance of making the Russian public aware that the reality outside their TVs is drastically different and potentially worse than what is portrayed by their propaganda.

Kuleba's interview reflects a defiant and determined stance by Ukraine in the face of ongoing aggression and highlights the critical importance of continued international support for the country's defense efforts.